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01-JANUARY 24-2021

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. [Go for it!] –Will Smith Here’s to a better YOU …

01-JANUARY 23-2021

“Creativity is an action, not a feeling.  Your work is too important to be left to how you feel today.” 

01-JANUARY 22-2021

Good morning. The trade war.  The pandemic.  The election.  All the big catalysts that can move markets up or down

01-JANUARY 21-2021

Good morning. Markets were cautiously up on strong earnings already, but continued to trend higher following the inauguration of President

01-JANUARY 20-2021

Good morning. The big banks have nearly all reported earnings. And while many analysts have been concerned about how the

01-JANUARY 19-2021

Good morning. This week marks a large number of corporate earnings.  Giants such as Intel, Netflix and Goldman Sachs, among

01-JANUARY 18-2021

Good morning. Joe Biden didn’t offer too many surprises when he listed his economic proposals.  He did, however, suggest raising

01-JANUARY 17-2021

“Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Be the person who brings joy, humility and fun, even as you strive to reach

01-JANUARY 16-2021

Healing the Post-Holiday Blues Hangover If you’re feeling a little blue – or downright depressed – after the holidays, you’re

01-JANUARY 15-2021

Good morning. The stimulus narrative continues to be the driver of the market in the short-term.  Case in point?  Yesterday’s

01-JANUARY 14-2021

Good morning. Let’s be honest, there have been a lot of crazy tweets so far this year.  You might have

01-JANUARY 13-2021

Good morning. After the extreme volatility of 2020 — or just last week — having a quiet day in the

01-JANUARY 12 -2021

Good morning. In an ideal world, politics and investing would be two circles in a Venn diagram that never touched. 

01-JANUARY 11 -2021

Good morning. The stock market had a brief shakeup on Friday.  It came on news that the Democratic-controlled senate may

01-JANUARY 10-2021

Here’s to a better You … and now … Today’s Darren Hardy Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos

01-JANUARY 09-2021

Getting A Job Is a Job A recruiter asked a job candidate, “Why did you leave your last job?” The

01-JANUARY 08-2021

Good morning. Philadelphia Federal Reserve president Patrick Harker became the first banker to suggest that the bank may slow down

01-JANUARY 07-2021

Good morning. Stocks touched all-time highs on Wednesday, closing off their lows following Fed meeting minutes and chaos in Washington

01-JANUARY 06-2021

Good morning. Stocks had their best trading day of 2021 thanks to a rally.  Traders ignored the uncertainty of runoff

01-JANUARY 05-2020

Good morning. The stock market saw a classic rally in the last two months of 2020.  The end of election

01-JANUARY 04-2021

Good morning. The Carolina Panthers has agreed to pay offensive lineman Russell Okung partly in cash, but also partly to

01-JANUARY 03-2021

Only one Darren Hardy Recap this week! “Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.” —Zig Ziglar

01-JANUARY 02-2021

How to Move on From setbacks Setbacks.  They’re a fact of life.  Despite our best intentions and well-laid-plans, life doesn’t

01-JANUARY 01-2021

Good morning, and Happy New Year! There are a lot of predictions that come with the changing of the calendar. 

12-DECEMBER 31-2020

Good morning. Over 30 percent of all money created in the United States occurred in 2020.  That massive jump in

12-DECEMBER 30-2020

Good morning. The S&P 500 is looking set to rise about 15 percent for 2020.  That’s a great return for