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01-JANUARY 26-2022

Good morning. In spite of 7 percent inflation rates right now, consumers are continuing to spend.  While their overall confidence

01-JANUARY 25-2022

Good morning. On Friday, the stock market broke its 200-day moving average lower for the first time since July 2020. 

01-JANUARY 24-2022

Good morning. Markets had $3.3 trillion reasons to be volatile last week.  That was based on the notational value of

01-JANUARY 23-2022

Today! January 23, 2021 “Creativity is an action, not a feeling.  Your work is too important to be left to

01-JANUARY 22-2022

Today! January 22, 2021 Good morning. The trade war.  The pandemic.  The election.  All the big catalysts that can move

01-JANUARY 21-2022

Good morning. Fears of rising inflation are likely to peak this year.  That’s good news.  And with news that major

01-JANUARY 20-2022

Good morning. While the stock market has largely been focused on rising interest rates in the past few weeks, the

01-JANUARY 19-2022

Good morning. Historically, about 75 percent of the time, whatever the market does in January it will do for the

01-JANUARY 18-2022

Good morning. While US markets were closed on Monday, the global stock market moved higher amid news that China was

01-JANUARY 17-2022

Good morning. The big guessing game for investors this year is how many times the Federal Reserve will hike interest

01-JANUARY 16-2022

Got to love Newfoundland, and Labrador! January 16, 2021 Healing the Post-Holiday Blues Hangover If you’re feeling a little blue

01-JANUARY 15-2022

Shine Your Light on Others Real leadership, the kind of leadership that not only works but also has a lasting

01-JANUARY 14-2022

Good morning. Earnings season offers a big opportunity for markets to move in either direction.  With the market currently contending

01-JANUARY 13-2022

Good morning. Wednesday’s inflation reading of a 7 percent annual increase is the biggest move higher for inflation since 1982. 

01-JANUARY 12-2022

Good morning. The stock market continues to struggle to find its footing this year, as attempts to move higher seem

01-JANUARY 11-2022

Good morning. At its lows yesterday, the Nasdaq hit correction territory, down 10 percent from its most recent high.  That

01-JANUARY 10-2022

Good morning. Going into Friday’s job reports, a full 86 percent of market participants queried believed that the Federal Reserve

01-JANUARY 09-2022

More Newfoundland wonder! January 09, 2021 Getting A Job Is a Job A recruiter asked a job candidate, “Why did

01-JANUARY 08-2022

Decide Who You Are Having goals and big dreams is important, but there’s something even more important.  It is something

01-JANUARY 07-2022

Good morning. In 2013, the markets experienced their first “taper tantrum.”  They sold off heavily and quickly on fears that

01-JANUARY 06-2022

Good morning. The S&P 500 started 2021 trading at a hefty 30 times earnings.  Historically, that’s well above average, and,

01-JANUARY 05-2022

Good morning. OPEC+, a group constitution of OPEC and Russia, have stuck with an existing agreement to increase their collective

01-JANUARY 04-2022

Good morning. Inflation rates should peak this year, as the Federal Reserve finishes up its bond-buying program and potentially starts

01-JANUARY 03-2022

Good morning. It’s no secret that traders who follow great investors can perform nearly as well.  While value investors may

01-JANUARY 02-2022

77 Rules of the Road (for Marketing, Business and Life) Here are 77 mindsparks to get you kicking ass and

01-JANUARY 01-2022

2022 promises nothing, but a New Year! I came across this poem, I would now like to share: “As we

12-DECEMBER 31-2021

Good morning. 71.  That’s the number of days this year that the S&P 500 hit an all-time high (with one

12-DECEMBER 30-2021

Good morning. The start of a New Year can be a great time to reflect not only on life and

12-DECEMBER 29-2021

Good morning. Wall Street is nothing but forward-looking.  So it should be clear from the massive drops this year in

12-DECEMBER 28-2021

Good morning. While news about the Omicron variant has been mixed, the stock market has regained traction and is back

12-DECEMBER 27-2021

Good morning. The personal savings rate is a popular measure with the Federal Reserve for monitoring inflation trends.  If consumers

12-DECEMBER 26-2021

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL… Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the

12-DECEMBER 25-2021

This Christmas, please take time -out for yourself… Dealing With Burnout Burnout is often thought of as working too many

12-DECEMBER 24-2021

Good morning, and Merry Christmas Eve. Businesses are at the front line of the economy, and their decisions can impact