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04-APRIL 14-2021

Good morning. Coinbase is expected to make its initial public offering today.  Analysts have provided expectations for the company to

04-APRIL 13-2021

Good morning. The stock market is forward-looking.  And it’s been looking forward to this earnings season.  It’s a chance for

04-APRIL 12-2021

Good morning. The Bureau of Labor Statistics was down early on Friday, as traders looked to see the latest inflation

04-APRIL 11-2021

“If you want your business to thrive, you must fall in love with sales and marketing.” –Marie Forleo Here’s to

04-APRIL 10-2021

How to set boundaries … and say NO You know, when we were younger, we were wisely taught by our

04-APRIL 09-2021

Good morning. Early studies are showing that the latest round of stimulus money went into spending and bank accounts, rather

04-APRIL 08-2021

Good morning. The Federal Reserve continues to sound optimistic, at least according to its headline meeting minutes.  But a number

04-APRIL 07-2021

Good morning. The stock market is forward-looking.  So when looking at the price tag of proposed legislation like a multi-trillion

04-APRIL 06-2021

Good morning. Entire trading strategies have been built around a reversion to the mean.  That can be done with a

04-APRIL 05-2021

Good morning. Investing occurs on two levels.  The first level includes the fundamentals, like how much a company is earning,

04-APRIL 04-2021

“People have more fear of being broke than have faith in abundance.” –Arian Simone Here’s to a better YOU …

04-APRIL 03-2021

“That which is not worth doing at all is not worth doing well.” –Warren Buffett We are already ¼ through

04-APRIL 02-2021

Good morning. Year to date, a number of hedge funds have gotten into trouble.  There’s Melvin Capital, which was overly

04-APRIL 01-2021

Good morning. The Biden Administration finally unveiled its $2 trillion infrastructure plan.  With generous provisions for public transit, light rail,

03-MARCH 31-2021

Good morning. Rising interest rates, out-of-control government spending, big funds imploding… the current market is dealing with a number of

03-MARCH 30-2021

Good morning. Stocks sold off Monday on news that a few banks and hedge funds had been dealing with some

03-MARCH 29-2021

Good morning. The stock market volatility in recent weeks has left the stock market still near all-time highs.  But with

03-MARCH 28-2021

“Fun is an inside job, always within you control, and a choice that you have to make every single day.”

03-MARCH 27-2021

Law of the Inner Circle “A leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him or her.” –John C. Maxwell Have

03-MARCH 26-2021

Good morning. Investing isn’t just about valuations and how a company is performing.  It also involves second-level thinking, particularly about

03-MARCH 25-2021

Good morning. Both Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testified before the Senate this week.  Both of

03-MARCH 24-2021

Good morning. As the economy ebbs and flows, different sectors of the market tend to fare better than others.  Over

03-MARCH 23-2021

Good morning. A lot has been made about rising interest rates.  One point that hasn’t gotten as much attention is

03-MARCH 22-2021

Good morning. The third Friday of the month for every quarter of the year sparks an event known as quadruple

03-MARCH 21-2021

“The game is not to try and eliminate problems, it’s actually to be strong enough to handle them.” –Bethany Hamilton

03-MARCH 20-2021

Why Your “WHY” What motivates you? When you have a true “why,” motivation is easy. For me, it started as