04-APRIL 14-2021

Good morning. Coinbase is expected to make its initial public offering today.  Analysts have provided expectations for the company to trade as high as $600 per share, and potentially with a valuation of $148 billion.  That would make for one of the largest companies to go public in history. With cryptocurrency prices rushing to new […]

04-APRIL 07-2021

Good morning. The stock market is forward-looking.  So when looking at the price tag of proposed legislation like a multi-trillion spending bill, there’s usually some concern.  Ditto with proposals to raise tax rates.  Yet Treasury bonds have sold off a bit, and fears of higher persistent inflation are starting to wane. The news also comes […]

03-MARCH 31-2021

Good morning. Rising interest rates, out-of-control government spending, big funds imploding… the current market is dealing with a number of crises coming from a number of directions.  Yet pulling back from these immediate fears, we have the growth potential of a post-Covid economy.  By year end, GDP may be at record highs once again, even […]

03-MARCH 24-2021

Good morning. As the economy ebbs and flows, different sectors of the market tend to fare better than others.  Over the past few years, however, tech has had a persistently strong performance.  Value stocks, defined by those as relatively cheap compared to their earnings and sales, haven’t fared as well. This is often the case.  […]

03-MARCH 17-2021

Good morning. The latest Bank of America Fund manager Survey has had some big shifts in recent months.  The biggest risks, according to the pros, are higher than expected inflation and a bond market tantrum much like the one seen last month.  Rapidly dropping from the list?  Covid, and in particular the vaccine rollout. In […]

03-MARCH 10-2021

Good morning. The tech stock selloff saw a major reversal yesterday.  While it’s too soon to tell if this is a push higher, a pause before another drop, or a sideways trend, one fact matters.  The Nasdaq took a 10 percent dive before this big push higher. That’s similar to how markets reacted in 2009-2015, […]

03-MARCH 03-2021

Good morning. Conventional wisdom is to buy the dip in the markets.  Conventional wisdom can sometimes be wrong, but in the case of the stock market, is usually right.  Those who bought stocks last year after the market dropped 10 percent might have had to sit tight for a few months, but have been richly […]