01-JANUARY 15-2021

Good morning. The stimulus narrative continues to be the driver of the market in the short-term.  Case in point?  Yesterday’s slight market gain evaporated when news of Biden’s stimulus plan leaked out. Gone was the case for the $2,000 stimulus check.  Rather than one-up Trump’s stimulus number, the amount went down. The new amount?  $1,400.  […]

01-JANUARY 08-2021

Good morning. Philadelphia Federal Reserve president Patrick Harker became the first banker to suggest that the bank may slow down its bond purchases — at least, at the end of the year.  That’s the earliest that the Fed is likely to taper its bond purchases.  A few analysts don’t see that happening until as late […]

01-JANUARY 01-2021

Good morning, and Happy New Year! There are a lot of predictions that come with the changing of the calendar.  Following 2020’s massive market correction and new bull market, many are expecting some kind of big event in 2021. It could go either way.  A recovering economy could lead stocks to further massive gains.  Or […]

12-DECEMBER 25-2020

Good morning and Merry Christmas! With one week to go in 2020, the economy remains shaping up with that “K” shape.  Some are far better off this year, particularly shareholders in companies that benefited from remote work trends.  Millions, however, are worse off. With the market closed today, it’s the perfect time to reflect on […]

12-DECEMBER 18-2020

Good morning. Before the election, Congress was debating two different stimulus bills.  One was over $1 trillion; the other was over $2 trillion.  Now, the market is anticipating that a $900 billion plan making the rounds will come into law sooner or later.  Either way, more created money is more created money.  Some of it […]

12-DECEMBER 11-2020

Good morning. The official jobless claims provided markets with a dour open on Thursday.  The economy remains disconnected from the stock market near all-time highs.  But, remember, bad news can mean good news.  That’s because the worse things look, the better the chances the Federal Reserve will keep monetary stimulus measures in place.  And if […]

12-DECEMBER 04-2020

Good morning. November’s explosive rally higher is clearly over.  From some down days for stocks to some “barely up” days like Wednesday and Thursday, the rest of the year is likely to follow this seasonal pattern of low volatility. After everything else that’s gone on this year, that’s not so bad.  And stocks are still […]