12-DECEMBER 31-2020

Good morning. Over 30 percent of all money created in the United States occurred in 2020.  That massive jump in the money supply, dubbed M1, leads several to expect inflation.  It’s why assets like gold and Bitcoin performed well in 2020.  But the flip side is that economic shutdowns led to less spending, missed rent […]

12-DECEMBER 30-2020

Good morning. The S&P 500 is looking set to rise about 15 percent for 2020.  That’s a great return for the average year.  For a year with a pandemic?  It’s exceptional.  At the start of the year, predicting the Dow over 30,000 seemed obvious.  By mid-March, it would sound crazy. Meanwhile, the market’s love of […]

12-DECEMBER 29-2020

Good morning. Besides taking a loss on your portfolio to reduce your total taxes, there are a few more things to do before the end of 2020 that can help lower your tax burden.  For example, the IRS is allowing a cash donation of $300 that can be deducted for those who use standard deductions […]

12-DECEMBER 28-2020

Good morning. We’re all looking forward to 2020’s end.  It’s in sight.  While the day-to-day grind may not be that different right away, the end of the calendar year can make a huge difference to your wealth. As the last week of the year kicks off, it’s your last chance to sell some positions and […]

12-DECEMBER 27-2020

Only one Darren Hardy Recap this week! My Daily Plan will be to include Morning Gratitudes… they will go something like this! I will leave you with a very short story… “Make every season a season for giving.” A man was speaking with God about heaven and hell.  “I will show you hell,” said God.  […]

12-DECEMBER 26-2020

You Are A Gift To Others  There is an old Chinese story about a woman who lost her only son and went to the holy man in her village and asked, “What mystic powers do you have that will lift the pain from my heart?” “There is a wonderful thing you can do,” he said.  […]

12-DECEMBER 25-2020

Good morning and Merry Christmas! With one week to go in 2020, the economy remains shaping up with that “K” shape.  Some are far better off this year, particularly shareholders in companies that benefited from remote work trends.  Millions, however, are worse off. With the market closed today, it’s the perfect time to reflect on […]