05-MAY 31-2020

Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy! Describe the beauty!!!   Boats in the town of Ferryland, Newfoundland May 31, 2019 (nil) May 31, 2018 “What you can create will absolutely astound you, but you have to start now.” —Marie […]

05-MAY 30-2020

                                                                            Good Morning. The ageing are growing increasingly anxious over retire-ment savings!  What savings? … and … Not […]

05-MAY 29-2020

Good morning. Things were moving along swimmingly before the announcement came of a press conference tomorrow by President Trump on China.  What’s happening on Hong Kong is tragic. I have a brother that’s lived there for over 10 years and he’s had to move to Japan.  Somehow a tear gas gun in the face will […]

05-MAY 28-2020

Good morning.  “Daddy doesn’t know any magic tricks.” “Daddy knows accounting tricks.”  We’re at an interesting juncture where investors are moving away from the trades that have been working well since the March lows and gravitating to more undervalued parts of the market. One area that has underperformed is financials.  Banks and other financial companies […]

05-MAY 27-2020

Good morning. I hope you all had a great long weekend and had an opportu-nity to visit family and become connected with loved ones that have passed on.  The open on Tuesday looked so prom-ising going into the cash open, but immediately started wilting and never regained its overnight footing. It was a unique session […]

05-MAY 26-2020

Good morning. It’s a shortened week for the equity markets and it will be somewhat of a proving ground for the burgeoning bull market.  The old axiom of “sell in May and go away” has frequently proven timely especially given the significant rally we’ve had since the March lows. However, with Fed stimulus dialed up, […]

05-MAY 25-2020

                                                                           Good morning. Memorial Day became an official holiday in 1971 but was originally known as Decoration Day and […]