04-APRIL 30-2020

                                                                              Good morning. After a major sell-off like we’ve seen, it stands to reason that some stocks […]

04-APRIL 29-2020

                                                                                 Good morning. There is some excitement in the air right now as people look forward […]

04-APRIL 28-2020

                                                                             Good morning. Last Friday was an interesting day as the market rallied into the close led by […]

04-APRIL 27-2020

Good morning. To be honest, I’m ready to see things begin to open.  I know it will be applied unevenly from state-to-state, but I spent my 20-year anniversary in a car waiting for food to be delivered from a local restaurant. We then went to a park table and ate, while wondering if it was […]

04-APRIL 26-2020

Motivation Sunday! Here’s to a better YOU … and now … Today’s DarrenDaily Recap Sunday.  A collection of the weeks videos from Darren Hardy.  Enjoy! I’ll leave you with a picture Cycling home to where you’re the happiest… April 26, 2019 4 Tips to sleep better… Do you wish your brain had a switch that […]

04-APRIL 25-2020

5 ways to increase your energy capacity Living in your “gift zone.”  When you spend your time doing the things that you care about most, you will find yourself fully charged with energy.  What are the activities that make you say, “I was born to do this?”  That’s your gift zone.  Spend more time there. […]

04-APRIL 24-2020

Good morning… This Is Not The End,  It’s A New Beginning It was less than a week ago that the market popped on news of a potential vaccine candidate. There wasn’t much follow through this week, but Thursday slipped into the close as the same hopeful attitude about the potential treatment failed its first trial. […]