02-FEBRUARY 29-2020

Leap Year! Good morning. Most assets that see a rapid rise by going parabolic quickly see a rapid decline.  Think gold in 2011, which led to a multi-year bear market.  Or think Bitcoin in 2017. Tesla shares, by rising at a steep angle in the past few months, looked like they were on the cusp […]

02-FEBRUARY 28-2020

Good morning.  The coronavirus fears have led to one of the fastest market declines in history.  In the span of one week, the market has slid nearly 12 percent, hitting correction territory. On a technical basis, things look even worse.  Shares have gone from trading over their 50-day moving average to testing the 200-day moving […]

02-FEBRUARY 27-2020

Good morning.   We’re often reminded that the stock market isn’t the economy.  That’s true.  But the stock market does price in expectations about the economy. Right now, it‘s working in some of the uncertainty from the coronavirus outbreak.  There will be more days ahead with big rallies and big drops. These are the kinds of […]

02-FEBRUARY 26-2020

Good morning.  There’s an old Wall Street adage: Stocks take the escalator up, and the elevator down.  The past 2 trading days have been an elevator move, with the largest two-day point drop (but not percentage drop) on record.  While it may be tempting to give into the fear, remember that stocks had gotten overbought […]

02-FEBRUARY 25-2020

Good morning.  While out touting the latest quarterly numbers at Berkshire Hathaway, billionaire investor Warren Buffett stated that he had no plans to buy or sell shares of anything simply because of the coronavirus outbreak. Of course, Buffett is sitting on over $100 billion in cash at the moment, so a market downturn would allow […]

02-FEBRUARY 24-2020

Today it’s not lack of information, it’s lack of support. When it comes to health and fitness, we love reading about… Foods you should and shouldn’t eat The best exercises for [insert “trouble area” here] New workouts The latest, trendiest diets Tools & tactics that the hottest celebs and athletes are using And of course, […]

02-FEBRUARY 23-2020

Price Alert!  As this post is being finalized, gold & silver are making massive moves higher. Good Morning. One analyst sees Bitcoin surging more than double in the next few months.  The reason?  For the first time in years, the cryptocurrency 50-day moving average has risen over the 200-day moving average. That’s a bullish technical […]