12-DECEMBER 08-2021

Conflict ResolutionGood morning.
Long-term investors know that buying when the market is down is an astute move.  With the sharp rebound in stocks from the shortest bear market in history in early 2020, traders have decided that any drop of more than a few percentage points constitutes a dip worthy of being bought, with the acronym BTD popping up on any selloff.
This mentality has been the case in the past few days following the Omicron variant fears hitting the market at the end of November.  Bank of America (BAC) notes that the inflows from this recent selloff have been the strongest since 2017.  As long as investors are bullish – and have funds to keep the BTD mentality alive, the market will likely continue to trend higher, even with the occasional dip to buy along the way.

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Top Analysts Make Huge Christmas Predictions for Gold
Gold has always been a popular gift, so it is bound to be a big seller during the holidays.  But one analyst thinks this year will be jaw-dropping. [Read Here]

Analyst Discovers a Hidden Scam Ruining Peoples’s Lives
Adjusted for inflation, consumers’ personal income from all sources – from wages, interest, dividends, rental income, unemployment compensation, stimulus checks, Social Security benefits, etc. – so “real” personal income dipped by… [Read Here]

December 07, 2020

Make It Happen PeopleGood morning.
The broad investment world tends to follow narratives.  That’s why we’ve been able to profit from the market’s swings on every headline on a prospective trade war over the past few years.  This year, the name of the game has been stimulus.
The on-again, off-again stimulus proposals point to some kind of massive giveaway from the government at some point.  The only real question is the size of the stimulus, and when the checks can be distributed.  So far, talk of stimulus has been enough to offset a rise in Covid cases and local shutdowns going into the winter.  Chances are the market may have a bumpy few weeks, but that may just be what’s needed to get a deal passed.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

US and EU in Race with China to Secure Essential Lithium
The global lithium market is predicted to grow by 500% to handle the explosion of electric vehicles and renewable energy.  Unfortunately, right now communist China controls 80% of the world’s lithium supply.

December 07, 2019

Ultimately, isn’t HAPPINESS what everyone seeks?  Look around you!  Yes, cats purr … and dogs wag their tails.  Today’s video message that explores this truth, “One Way You Can Truly Be Happy.”

George Bernard Shaw was once quoted as saying, “People become attached to their burdens some-times more than the burden are attached to them.”  I totally disagree … our burden couldn’t give a damn.  Just like money couldn’t give a damn.  Give someone a hug today … now that matters  🙂

Come From Aways, Do You?

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