12-DECEMBER 02-2021

Only OnceGood morning.
2020 was a banner year for green energy, with investors piling into projects.  But the world can’t quickly move away from fossil fuels, which still make up most of the energy in use today.  However, that change is still happening.  More importantly, it’s happening faster than many companies responsible for making the change have thought possible.
ExxonMobil (XOM), one of the largest hydrocarbon players, just reported that it will hit its emissions goals a full 4 years early.  Instead of waiting until 2025, this year will mark the company’s first goalpost to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent.  The company will likely continue with its shift, while also still booking a profit as the world still needs oil and gas.

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Chinese Investors Demolished By Cold, Hard and Unavoidable Reality –Daniel Fernández, AIER
The Evergrande soap opera is far from over.  The Chinese real estate bubble is bursting.  The key questions now are how much chaos this will cause in China, and the rest of the world… [Read Here]

This Is Where Unlimited Money Printing Leads –Natasha Turak, CNBC
“I have always been arguing for lower interest rates…”  Here’s what that gets you: 20% inflation and a currency down 42% this year, including a 15% one day decline… [Read Here]

December 02, 2020

Other People's IssuesGood morning.
The stock market is easily hung up on several newsworthy, but not necessarily economically essential events.  For instance, last year marked the end of the “trade war” talk, where markets would sell off like clockwork on a suggestion of higher tariffs between the U.S. and China.
Today, the markets have a knee-jerk reaction to the upside when they hear about more stimulus.  Somehow, a global pandemic managed to get sandwiched in between these somewhat inconsequential pieces of news that can move markets yet rarely rise above the level of gossip.  The latest stimulus talk, with a bipartisan compromise plan, was enough to send the Nasdaq to new all-time highs.

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The Shocking Growth In America’s National Deficit 
To say the national deficit is out of control may be an understatement.  Our surging deficit is a sign of “spending has gone wild.”

Gold currently at $1,817.75, silver at $24.10

December 02, 2019

It didn’t take Darren Hardy long to remind us, “What Today Brings!”

Time to ‘Get Crackin’ … 😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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