09-SEPTEMBER 23-2021

A time to RememberGood morning.
The volatility of the past week has been a wake-up call for some.  However, there’s also been a lot of overly bearish fears.  It’s true that we expected markets to have a pullback.  That’s usually what happens in the autumn.  And with the market going a record time without even a 5 percent drop from its peak, there was certainly some room for a drop.
Now with the Evergrande debacle, some see a bigger drop ahead, perhaps even the next bear market.  But the psychology for such a drop just isn’t there.  Bull markets don’t die of high valuation.  They end when traders are all-in.  Given the number of more cautious traders on the way up – ourselves included — this recent volatility may continue.  But it’s not going to result in a full market meltdown.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Goldilocks Is Dying –Nouriel Roubini,Project Syndicate
How will the global economy and markets evolve over the next year?  There are four scenarios that may follow in the months ahead, and all of them are grim… [Read Here]

September 23, 2020

Wild Ass QuessesGood morning.
Even with the recent selloff, the stock market is near all-time highs.  So, too, is the housing market.  On Tuesday, home sale data indicated the highest levels of sales since 2006.  A big bump occurred in homes with a price of over $1 million.
That trend in home sales shows the dichotomy in the economy right now.  The high unemployment has largely been driven by low-wage workers whose businesses were shut down. Higher wage workers faced no shutdown, and, if anything benefitted by working from home and reduced spending out.  It’s not quite in bubble territory yet, but home sales may cool off as relocation trends slow, giving stocks the upper hand once again.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Market Rout In This Sector As Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death Creates Uncertainty Around Obamacare  
Healthcare stocks tumbled on Monday after the death of Supreme Court Justice sparked concern that the court would dismantle Obamacare…

The Real Cost of Biden’s Plans
Presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged that his administration will pledge that his administration will impose no new taxes on Americans making $400,00 or less and that there will be “no raising taxes … on mom and pop businesses.”  Both his policy platform and his record belie that promise.

September 23, 2019

Want to see an example of adding a few emotional words to help with an objection?

Objection: “I don’t think I should start now.  Things are not looking good at my job.  I need to conserve my cash.”

Us: “I would be scared too.  You have all your eggs in one basket.  And your job and boss control the basket.  That is a horrible feeling.  You don’t look like the sort of person that likes taking big risks.  Let’s start a second income now, so if your job goes away, you won’t lose 100% of your income.”

**   **   **

Coffee Dreams Dashed

Facts, PowerPoint slides, presentations, videos, brochures, and information put our prospects’ minds into analytical mode.  Deadly.

We want to avoid analytical mode at all costs.  In this mode, there is a long and usually endless dialogue that never comes to a conclusion.  This will delay the decision and we will hear:

“I need to think it over.”


I would not need to think this over!

Obviously I love, [understatement] my coffee.  A ‘specialty’ coffee on average costs around $5 … A few mochachinos a week could really add up.  Imagine if the sign above appeared in your favorite coffee shop?  It didn’t … but just imagine!  ;-(

Come From Aways, Do You?

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