07-JULY 30-2020

                                                                            Good morning.
What Do You SeeThe Federal Reserve appears prepared to keep its promise of promoting higher stock prices at any cost.  Sure, the near-term benefits are positive for investors, but the promise to do anything and everything to achieve that goal appears to be departing from the “virtuous” circle of liquidity that the Fed has traditionally engaged in.  We’re in uncharted territory with only Japan in our view ahead.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Something is ‘rotten’ in the United States… you probably feel it in one way or another … We do, too.
The major U.S. stock indexes continue to climb from March’s bottom, while unemployment remains at record levels…
The politicians in Washington are getting ready to leave for “recess,” and apparently can’t even agree on how to spend another round of “free money” from the Federal Reserve before they do…
And today, second-quarter gross domestic product (“GDP”) in the U.S. — the traditional measure of economic growth — was announced…  It showed a decline of roughly 33% annualized, a record drop that actually beat analyst expectations by a few percentage points.

Oh joy.

Meanwhile, I (Corey McLaughlin) can’t fathom how we’re five months into the COVID-19 pandemic and my sick, confined mother-in-law still has to wait a week to get a test result… while the professional football players and staff a few miles away can take a test and get their results back every single day as part of the (antitrust-exempted) NFL’s $75 million testing plan.
In other words, the disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street may never have been wider than it is right now.


“Courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace.” —Nelson Mandela

July 30, 2019

Attraction marketing is a broad subject and there are many ways that you can implement it into your business.  Here are the four ways I use attraction marketing to bring me 2-5 new teammates a week.  I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all the buzz around attraction marketing right?  Then the review will be all the more beneficial.

#1: Treat your business like a million dollar business

How you treat your business dictates how it’s going to pay you.

Multi Million Dollar HomesYou can’t put in 2 hours of work a week & expect to get paid the big bucks.

I see so many network marketers treating their business like its a hobby they can pick up whenever they’re in the mood for it.

This is a huge mistake.

The low cost of entry for starting a network marketing business is a positive and a negative at the same time.

What I mean by this is that because it costs so little to get started in Network Marketing… it’s also easy for people is treat it with no value whatsoever.

S0 instead… re-evaluate what you’re putting into it versus what you’re wanting to get out 0f it.

Treat it like it’s a million-dollar business and you’ll attract more people to you that will want to know more about your products, service or business.

#2: Think in benefits

The first thing to understand when applying attraction marketing in your business is… you gotta think in benefits.

Product Life CyclesBenefits are what your products and service does, not what it is.

But how exactly do you think in benefits?

Think of the products or services you promote…

What does it do for people?

Don’t include the science, ingredients or awards… cause you knew what?

No one cares about that.

People only care about what your products or services can do for them.

So sit down and write down at least 5 ways that your products or services benefit people.

And then when you post on social media or do your Facebook lives you can use that list to speak in benefits.

This is what’s going to attract people t0 you and have them want to know more about your products, service or business.

#3: Pick your platform

Most people think they have to be on every platform out there.

We got…

Social Media SitesTwitter

✅ Facebook

✅ Instagram

✅ Snapchat

✅ Pinterest

✅ Youtube

and more…

But you don’t need to be everywhere because as I always say… where you out your focus is where you’ll get your results.

So here’s the thing… pick 1 platform and show up consistently and FOCUS all your energy there until you get results.

If you’re not too sure what platform you should be focusing on then you’ll want to check out Episode 134 that’s all about The Best Social Media Platform To Prospect, Recruit and Build Your Business. (here’s the link)

#4: Pick your schedule and be consistent

So now that you know WHERE you’re showing up… you getta figure out WHEN you’re showing up.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

This way it conditions your audience to know when you’ll be showing up and they’ll be expecting you.

Where You Put Your Focus Is Where You’ll Get Your Results

Now go kick some butt… 😉

Come From Aways, Do You?

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