Happy Saturday!  Today we gathered at Donna & Mike’s to celebrate my other sister’s birthday; Sharon, [which is actually tomorrow].  We practiced social distancing outside (on their deck) … all ten of us.  Great food, great fun, and really the first time in ages we were all together in one place.  Thanks guys!

more to come…

July 18, 2019

Good morning.

In the investment world, trust remains a critical tool.  When trust is lost, a relationship that took years or even decades to build can go quickly.  So when Deutsche Bank announced that it was changing its structure and getting out of investment banking, the bank’s counterparties, such as hedge and retirement funds, have started to pull their capital to park it with a more reliable one.

Much like the run-on-the-investment-bank that killed off Lehman Brothers over a decade ago, the Bank is losing more than $1 billion in capital per day.  With more than €45 trillion in derivatives, the bank may face an existential crisis in the coming weeks if the capital run continues.  History may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes!

Interesting!  😉

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