07-JULY 10-2021

Start Your Day With These Six Movements

Start Your Day (with these six movements)As I’ve gotten older, I realize that I’m not the limber leopard that I once was.  No longer do I spryly jump out of bed physically and mentally ready to chase the day.  It takes time to ease into the day, especially when it comes to my physical body.  My joints are little more stiff, and my muscles are a little tighter.

I have a funny feeling that you know what I’m talking about.  That’s why I wanted to share 6 simple movements that I do to start my day – after having my first trusty Cup o’ Joe, of course.

1. Reach for the Stars.  One arm at a time, reach as high as you can toward the ceiling.  Reach slowly and deliberately, and as you reach, let your eyes follow your fingertips.  [Repeat 5 – 10 times on each side.]

2. Reach Over the Top.  One arm at a time, reach as high as you can overhead and bend to the opposite side.  In other words, “reach for the stars” with your right hand, then bend to the left, reaching as far as you can.  It’s basically a side-bend with an overhead reach.  [Repeat 5 – 10 times on each side.]

3. Rotate and Reach.  One arm at a time, rotate and reach as far as you can to your opposite side.  For example, reach with your right hand as far as you can to the left at shoulder height, rotating your shoulders at the same time.  Again, this movement is to be done slowly and deliberately, holding for a second at the peak of your reach.  [Repeat 5 – 10 times.]

4. Touch Your Toes. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill “touch your toes” movement.  Instead of just bending down at the hips or back, I want you to reach for your toes by squatting.  Even if you can only reach to knee-height, that’s okay.  Any and all movement is good.  [Repeat 10 – 20 times.]

5. Touch Your Other Toe.  The only differences between this movement and the previous is that you’re going to reach one hand at a time to your opposite foot.  For instance, as you squat, you’ll reach your right hand to your left foot (or knee).  Then, on your next squat, you’ll reach your left hand to your right foot (or knee).  [Repeat 5 – 10 times on each side.]

6. Touch Your Heel.  Maybe you’re seeing a pattern develop.  This will be similar to the previous movement, except you’ll be reaching to the heel on the same side as your hand.  For example, as you squat, reach your right hand toward your right heel (or the back of your knee).  Then, on your next squat, reach your left hand toward your left heel (or the back of your knee).  [Repeat 5 – 10 times on each side.]

Start your day with these six movements, and you’ll prep your body to win the day!

To You,
Change That Up!

July 10, 2020

What Emergency...Good morning.
Loving this market isn’t the right thing to do to borrow words from the song “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac.
It seems like many parts are moving in different directions and on Thursday, so did the major market indices as the Dow was the hardest hit followed by the S&P 500 as the Nasdaq hit a new all-time high.  One thing about divergences, they snap back, but the only question is which direction?

Now here’s the rest of the news:

“Heads, Gold Wins: Tails, Gold Doesn’t Lose” –Jim Rickards
Jim analyzes gold’s recent history and concluded that, if we don’t understand gold’s price, then we’re asking the wrong questions.  Jim thinks buying gold is a no-lose proposition…

July 10, 2019

How To Shift Your LIMITING BELIEFS Around Money…

You may be blocking income from flowing in due to mindset.  To quote Ray Higdon, “Read Stories.”

“Read stories of those who overcame tough obstacles with limited financial resources and pay notice to some of their habits and patterns to adapt into your daily routine.”

Although with more money you do have more choices; it has nothing to do with money.  What is im-portant to understand is that it’s your choice … the compounding of those things you choose through-out your journey.  In reading articles, stories, books, biographies, etcetera, we often see ‘just how lucky we are’.  Another great change: start hanging around different people … people who make different levels of income and are in different professions.  Richer people can have various personalities … just like poorer people.  Start getting yourself in different situations where you’re around people of money and see how they operate.

As a small boy, it was pointed-out to me: Money does make you a good or bad person … money just makes you more of what you were!  [more good OR more evil]

Two more quick thoughts! … on this Wealth Wednesday:

  1. Never walk away from wealth … however small.  By stopping to pick-up that ‘nickel on the ground’, you are declaring to the Universe ‘I want more money attracted in-to-my-life!’
  2. Seeming a contradiction, don’t be afraid to give ‘some of your money away’.  Tips and gratuities instantly come to mind.  So is it to give outright to others.  [REMEMBER: money doesn’t make you morally superior … after-all who picked up the nickel?]

Give-a-penny … Take-a-penny,  😉

July 10, 2017


Today is a great day!  Not surprising … as-pretty-much is going our way.

Caryl and I slipped away to “our most favorite place on Earth.”  We have many such places, but Kimberly, British Columbia — is one of them.  (Don’t let the picture fool you, as we were still traveling to Kimberly, at this time!)  Although, it is a might quiet and peaceful.

Mid-week trips-away are not really vacations — very enjoyable … just-the-same.  Employer’s have mixed feelings about “days-away-from-work.”  You might not want/have to come back.  (Ever thought of starting a business?  Me too…)


Come From Aways, Do You?

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