06-JUNE 29-2021

Delemma_2Good morning.
Despite the noise of the past few weeks, investors seem to be fine with the idea that today’s high inflation rates will end up being a blip on the radar.  The biggest sign?  Big tech stocks are starting to lead the market higher again.
Microsoft (MSFT) hit a new record high as it announced its first new version of Windows in over 7 years.  And chip companies are working overtime to resolve supply chains, which has been pushing the Nasdaq higher.  When big tech companies lead the market, stocks tend to have their strongest moves higher.  The past few months, which has seen other sectors such as energy rally, have been marked by a more sideways feel to stocks.  So keep an eye on big tech moving higher.

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Social Security Under Pressure Thanks to These 3 Economic Trends 
Social Security’s trust fund has been at risk for a while now.  Today, thanks to the pandemic and its financial fallout, three big economic forces are making Social Security’s future look even more uncertain… [Read Here]

June 29, 2020

Bull-or-just-BullishGood morning.
You would have thought a recession would have been the catalyst for Facebook and other social media companies to start the selling party, but it was advertiser’s virtue signaling to their consumers.
Regardless of whether you agree or not with these companies taking these actions, the spending for many is through the election and the rest of 2020.  This could take a bite out of profitability even before recessionary forces do.

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This is America’s New War (Not Coronavirus) —Heed Porter warns.
It’s still in its infancy, most people don’t yet really recognize what’s happening in America right now.
“In short: a new war is erupting.”
But it’s not a war between countries and big armies… or between states and the federal government.  And it’s not necessarily a political war either, although both parties will soon be involved.
Instead, it’s a war between people who understand a life-changing new trend … and everyone else.  And it won’t be the middle class that gets left behind.  All across America, millions of lives will be destroyed by changes only a handful of Americans fully grasp right now.  Even wealthy people will be shocked at how quickly their money and savings can disappear.  The coronavirus has only accelerated this process.

June 29, 2019

Today’s Life Lesson: Do Your Best

“There are some extremely successful people out there that have started with less than you.  They had less money than you, less time than you, less education, less freedom and some of them were even uglier than you yet they still became successful.” – Kenny Santos

Brian Tracy’s Success Newsletter: The 10 Keys Used to Succeed in Business

Accordingly, the top 3 critical areas that largely determine the success or failure of your business are:

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Key Purpose – Create Customers

Many people think that the purpose of a business is to earn a profit, but they are wrong.  The true purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.  And 50% of your time, effort, and expenses should be focused on creating and keeping customers in some way.

Key Measure – Customer Satisfaction

Your ability to satisfy your customers to such a degree that they buy from you rather than from someone else; buy from you again and again; and bring their friends to buy, are the key factors of growth and profitability.

Key Requirement – Adding Value

All wealth comes from adding value.  All business growth and profitability comes from adding value.  Every day, you must be looking for ways to add more value to the customer experience.

Growth is not an accident; so you must plan and map out your growth plan if you want your business to see a bright future.

I’ll leave you with this great quote from Tony Robbins…

“It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.”

To your business success,

Come From Aways, Do You?

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