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06-JUNE 24-2020

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We've Milked It“I’d say we’ve milked our products for all they’re worth.”

A trend is a process of advances and periods of consolida-tions.  As the S&P 500 continues to trade in a tight range, it is a clear representation of the uncertainty over valuation and the future direction of the economy and inflation.

“Everyone Should Be Worried”: Trump Adviser Set to Leave the White House Issued Some Ominous Parting Words.
“I think everyone should be worried about how this is going to turn out in the end, because it’s a shock unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” he said.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

The Recent Drop In The Dollar Is Only The Beginning … of a far greater plunge that is about to mate-rialize, analysis say!
“Our FX [foreign exchange] strategists believe that the recent decline in the USD is just the beginning of a larger structural downtrend in the greenback driven, in part, by a further recovery in the global economy,” states a recent report from iconic Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs [GSBD].

June 24, 2019

Why You Will Not Fail

YOU are here for reason … My team and I want to show you a better way. 

Are you ready? … Here is Door #2

  • The #1 reason most people fail in any business is they run out of people to contact.  NOT YOU – You’re going to spend $15 one-time-only in a program that will provide you with a steady stream of leads that you can contact at anytime.  This program, MLMROD, will also supply you with a steady cashflow.  Every member in your Primary Business, will also need MLMROD, for the very reasons I just mentioned.  MLMROD is your Secondary Business.  [What did I just say?]  MLMROD is your Secondary Business.   You’ll see why in a minute.  Within your secondary business, MLMROD … you get:
  1. Essential confidence building skills:  Everyone you NOW come in contact with – will also have access through you to MLMROD.  [In the business world ‘we’ refer to this as duplication.]  
  2. What is MLMROD?  I hate acronyms … (this 4 minutes short video will explain it best!) however, MLM or Multi-Level-Marketing is also better explained with another short video!) … ROD or Recruit-On-Demand is a scouting system that gather the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and affiliation OR association to a MLM or with a Network Marketing real existing business ¯ past or present.  MLMROD is … spoon-feed-marketing … at its best.
  3. In contacting these people through the program, you can identify those individuals, with prior association to the MLM & NWM industries, who may be open to looking at your Primary Business Opportunity.  If they are currently active in a Primary Business, they are unlikely to want to join another, however, they may see the value in your secondary business too and join MLMROD through you, putting immediate cash in your pocket.  (Because your Primary Business contact information is in the MLMROD template … they can check it out should something go amiss in their Primary Business.)  A WIN-WIN-WIN.  (You’ve made another friend.)
  • Your Primary Business, is just that!  Your Primary Business.  It is where the majority of your income will come from.  It is also where you will get the monthly products or services you will use yourself, or with the help of your family.  I believe you must choose a Network Marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing company carefully, however, that is a conversation for another day!  I have a few ideas, perhaps you have different ones, Health, Nutrition, Sleep & Fitness are biggies.  You want consumable products and or services that people, your customers and clients: need, want, and can afford.  Fortunes are made when money is exchanged for the goods people buy.  Not Perfect, Just Better – when the distribution chain is direct.  Network Marketing is such a shorted distribution system … Multi-Level-Marketing is synonymous with NWM for the multiple connections & various levels of associates established through you!  (BTW) MLMROD is not a MLM or NWM system.  MLMROD is a single tier affiliate marketing program that does not compete in any way, with your Primary Business.  What is Recruit On Demand?  Again, it’s a secondary business which provides its users with a means to get a continual source of leads for you and your team, and have a cash flow from a lead that says ‘no’ because they are in another opportunity or perhaps under different leadership.

I hope you found this helpful.  Please check out the free stuff.  Information is powerful … but it needs to be applied … before results are measured.

All the very best to you and your family!

June 24, 2017

Me Neither

Most people have jobs.  They faithfully go to work each morning, do their best to execute their duties, come home tired, and look forward to weekends and vacations.

They do this to make ends meet, hoping something better will come along.  And better things do come now and then, along with setbacks. But the drudgery continues.  Week in.  Week out.  40-years pass.  Life has been half miserable.  But it’s time for retirement

Retirement means getting out of job jail.  No more hated work.  It’s now time for relaxation and fun…

Just kidding!

As it turns out, retirement today is this: After giving up a fairly well-paid full-time job, you take on several poorly paid part-time jobs (without benefits) to pay for your ever-increasing retirement expenses.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

You can spare yourself the misery by ditching the job early on and replacing it with a career.

What’s the difference?  A career is a life’s vocation…

You work a job to make money.  You work a career to build something you value.

With a job, you are always thinking about the time you won’t be work-ing.  With a career, you are always thinking about it even when you aren’t working.

The reason for this is a matter of focus.  A job looks inward: “I do this to make money for myself.”  A career looks outward: “1 am building some-thing that others can appreciate or use.”

The litmus test for determining whether you have a job or a career is this question: If you could afford to, would you do it for free?

You shouldn’t work for money.  You should work on having a career.

If you don’t like your work but are doing it because you have to support yourself and/or a family, start working on a Plan B. Plan B is titled: “Doing Something I Care About.”


Come From Aways, Do You?

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