Bathroom keyGood morning.
To be honest, I’m ready to see things begin to open.  I know it will be applied unevenly from state-to-state, but I spent my 20-year anniversary in a car waiting for food to be delivered from a local restaurant.
We then went to a park table and ate, while wondering if it was ok.  I long for a sense of normalcy in life and the market.  We may not be quite there yet for either.

Gold Price Doesn’t Need Negative Rates to Hit $2,000.  “The gold market has seen a remarkable run since mid-March, rallying neatly $200 in a matter of weeks.”  Gold to Reach $3,000 — 50% Above Its Record.  “The bank increased its target from $2,000 previously, as policy makers across the globe unleash vast amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus to help shore up economies hurt by the coronavirus.”

April 27, 2019


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