04-APRIL 13-2021

Change is GoodGood morning.
The stock market is forward-looking.  And it’s been looking forward to this earnings season.  It’s a chance for companies to report solid numbers for the first quarter of 2021.  Earnings are expected to not only be good compared to the 4th quarter, but will also provide a strong view relative to the first quarter of 2020, when stocks had to first start pricing in the pandemic.
But the real question is, what happens after earnings?  With some solid numbers likely, and with many companies still avoiding any future guidance, the next few weeks may lead to a big rally for stocks, but then a possible summer selloff.  Time will tell, but keep a close eye on guidance from the companies that actually provide it.

Now here’s the rest of the news:

Gold to Rise to $2,000 on Low Rates, Weak Dollar: Aberdeen Standard Investments
Steve Dunn believes a 10-year Treasury yield of 2% will force the Fed to weaken the U.S. dollar to keep debt payments manageable. That’s when he thinks gold investors will flood back into the market… [Read Here]

Infrastructure Bills Do Not Lead To Recovery, Only Increased Federal Control
Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.us reassesses the New Deal’s actual economic impact, and speculates why the Biden administration would follow FDR’s disastrously failed example… [Read Here]

April 13, 2020

Always excited to hearGood morning.
I hope you find yourself well rested and reinvigorated for the coming week.  There were so many a special & sacred holiday’s that align with this past weekend that it can help to bring new perspective and joy.  One thing that may help with that is the news out of New York.
If you’ve been following the COVID-19 outbreak, the num-ber of hospital beds being used is trending significantly be-low previous estimates and appears like it will never come close to the crisis levels originally predicted.  This is definitely a blessing!

April 13, 2019

Good Morning … Do It Now!

Have a great Day and a Great Rest-of-the-Week!  🙂

April 13, 2018

Habits of Highly Effective People

Last we checked, humans are not machines, and we don’t all want the same things.  But for the most part, we do want to do something purposeful, to use the time we have to the best of our ability, and we also long to discover our authentic selves.Questionaire

If our lives consist of a series of choices, how do highly effective real people make them?

First and foremost, they know what’s important to them.  The greatest productivity hack is to love what you do.  It is much, much easier to be both productive and satisfied when you spend most of your time on something you find meaningful.

It really does no good at all to become “good” at the wrong things.  It’s actually negative because the more efficient you become, the more likely it is that you’ll continue on the wrong path.  Therefore, it’s better to fail quickly at the wrong things, so you can discover the right ones.

They decide for themselves before other people decide for them.  Highly effective real people tend to be questionnaires.  They don’t accept what they are told at face value.  They even examine their own beliefs to find inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement.  Whenever someone asks, “You can have A or B, which do you want?” … they often respond by saying, “I’d like C, please.”

This is hard at first, but gets easier as you gain experience.  You have to understand that throughout your life, there will always be people who want to decide on your behalf.  They have their own goals and agenda.  Because they too are human, they care about themselves more than they care about you.

They take time to enjoy life in whatever way makes sense to them.  Even though they are highly effective, these people aren’t afraid to spend time on hobbies or different interests.  As the saying goes, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

And that’s the key point — time that you enjoy wasting.  Maybe you have a weird hobby, or maybe your idea of fun is different from other people’s.  Who cares?  Do whatever you need to recharge and regroup.

In conversations, they truly listen.  They don’t just think about what they’re going to say next.  Listening is an underrated skill, yet it’s easy to develop: just start doing it.

Empathy takes practice.  Sometimes it’s helpful to repeat back what someone says, not robotically but in more of a “I want to make sure I understand this” way.  Over time, you can also learn to listen not only to what is said, but what is unsaid (and sometimes more important).

TOO MANY QUESTIONSThey learn what time is best to wake up and go to sleep.  It’s not the same for everyone!  Once they know their ideal rhythms, they try to stick to them, making exceptions only occasionally.  Sure, it’s fun to change things up now and then.  But if you operate most effectively according to a certain routine, you’ll be most effective when you stick with it.

Highly effective real people embrace goals.  The goals vary — and some might not even call them “goals” — but they consistently work towards something.  They know that the process is more important than actually achieving the goals, but to have the process, you have to have an endpoint to look towards.

Goals are the tangible expressions of values — what we decide are important to us, and therefore the choices we make each day.  Highly effective real people know that the actions they take on one day will affect the opportunities available to them in the future, should they live long enough to see it.

Lastly, they find a balance between service and self-care.  Highly effective people know that life isn’t all about them.  They want to serve others however they can.  They want to make a difference!  As they consider their goals, values, and decisions, this value is always present.

Yet it isn’t exclusive.  To operate most effectively in life, and to get what you really want, you also need to think about yourself.  Not every goal has to be perfectly aligned with what it produces for other people.  Personal growth comes through challenge.

It all leads to the overall philosophy of non-conformity: you can do good things for others and yourself at the same time.  It’s not either/or, but rather, both/and.

In sum, highly effective people seek to use whatever time they have to the best of their ability.


April 13, 2017

Consistency is KEY

I’ve still got plenty to learn.  But I’m pretty sure of one thing: With the right mindset and game plan, any ordinary, unconnected, wage-earning American can become wealthy.

Most people — like 98% — who fantasize about becoming rich never will.  But for those who do the right things in the right order over a reasonable amount of time, the chances are very good.  I’d say 90%+.

Doing the right things in the right order over a reasonable amount of time — what does that mean?

Have a plan … Work a plan!


Come From Aways, Do You?

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07-JULY 26-2021

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Good morning. Technology companies need to constantly innovate.  That results in a high amount of money being spent on research and development, which in turn helps keep a company’s taxes lower than a company that makes the same product year-in, year-out. So it’s no surprise that regulators are always on the lookout for ways to try and get more taxes out of these massive firms that often have little to no earnings.  One proposal is being floated for a new generation of technology: a space tax.  Or, more specifically, a per-passenger tax on space flights like the ones just completed

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