I play golf.  Tiger Woods earns millions.  I earn zero.  Totally unfair!

Network marketing is the same.  The people that do it well, earn the most money.

As we get better in businesses, we earn more.  Amateurs can play in our business forever, and never earn the bigger bonuses.

So, how far up would you like to go?

Have you ever wondered…


“Where am I on this scale?”

April 11, 2019

Shortness of

April 11, 2017

Love the energy of life!

Love the vitality of the youth today!

I’ll quickly share a video … I wish it was me recording it forty-some years ago.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud said it best, “If you are young, then I ask you remember just this: you are richer than anyone older than you… Time is always running on, and the young have more of it in their pocket than the richest man or woman alive…”


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