Good morning.  When Bulls Are Over-Anxious to Catch the Rocketship Higher, This Isn’t the Bottom.

(Say This 3x Times Today)

“Over, Under, Around, or Through, Whatever it Takes, I’ll Do.”

Note:  The 3_things that are going to keep our businesses afloat, our heads above water, and in-looking-in anticipation of better times ahead, are the same three thing a successful business does.

  1.  Share frequent updates.  Posting is a great way to keep your customers informed when you’re experiencing changes.
  2. Keep up customer relationships.  Customers can contact you directly, ask you questions, and save time; when the communication lines are open.
  3. Take your events online.  See which parts of your business you can shift online — especially as people are spending more time on their devices.

Who Called This Meeting AgainAfter a major sell-off like we’ve seen, it stands to reason that some stocks will be trading at levels that will make them attractive for investors and will have better prospect than others.  When evaluating companies right now, you must consider how opaque the earnings picture looks.
The more opaque, the more likely they are to test new lows.  Those stocks that are more oversold and have a clearer path forward may have a chance to retest lows or form higher lows and highs.  This is that proverbial fork in the road for the market.  In this case, we’re trying to identify the one that will likely be most traveled.

“With the pandemic raging through the country, forcing the shutdown of much of …
the American economy, the unemployment rate — a measly 3.5% in February — is no more!”

—John Steele Gordon

April 08, 2019

Opposites indeed!IT’S BAD SCIENCE!
Investigate your thoughts and refute them.  If you catch your-self having self doubt in any area, be sure to examine why and look for the positives.  The more we focus on this, the more we hardwire the pathways to positive thinking and make it part of our natural thinking process.  That’s the cool thing about our brains, the more we focus on something the more hardwired it becomes.
So if we think positive, we’re going to be positive, and the same vice versa.  Be a mad scientist — destroy the fake news in your brain!  Don’t be afraid to question your own thinking.  After all — we know ourselves best, and if we don’t call ourselves on our own Bull Shit, who will?
To the BEST YOU!!!

April 08, 2017

When pursuing a goal and failing to see success, asks yourself a simple question:

“Is this a skill issue, or a commitment issue?”

Barriers-to-successWith people like you and me, it’s rarely a commitment issue.  Sure, sometimes we realize that the goal we picked is no longer aligned with our life.  But that’s rare.  When we get stuck, it’s normally a skill issue.
Recognizing the correct answer to this question is half the battle in becoming the most successful version of yourself.  You know that you deserve to have success – now you just need to figure out what skills you need to solve the problem.


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