01-JANUARY 02-2022

77 Rules of the Road (for Marketing, Business and Life)

Here are 77 mindsparks to get you kicking ass and taking names with the right mindset and motivation to finish August strong:

    1.  Whatever it is you’re working on – it’s NOT what you think it is
    2.  And it’s BIGGER than you think it is
    3.  Your job is not to work alone – lone wolves starve to death
    4.  Your job is to build containers for collaboration
    5.  You need three groups of people…
    6.  You need your posse (partners, colleagues, team)
    7.  You need your tribe (followers, fans, customers, clients)
    8.  You need your dream team (advisors, coaches, mentors)
    9.  And you must avoid one group at all costs…
    10.  Keep away from the herd (sheep, lemmings, goofballs)
    11.  “Yes” is almost never a good first answer
    12.  Focus like a maniac on what matters most
    13.  Turn off email – Yes, really
    14.  Live out of your calendar, not your inbox
    15.  Be kinder than you need to be
    16.  Let go to move faster
    17.  Stop letting fear make your decisions for you
    18.  Learn to love the verb DECIDE…
    19.  Make more decisions
    20.  Make faster decisions
    21.  90% of your decisions can always be changed later
    22.  The magic word to get most anything you want: ASK!
    23.  Charge premium fees…
    24.  Good clients will follow
    25.  Bad clients will fall away
    26.  Stop asking for permission…
    27.  Why?  Because you already have it
    28.  You don’t need to see the whole staircase – just the first step
    29.  Action eliminates fear
    30.  Overdeliver like crazy
    31.  It’s better to have a capacity problem than a sales problem
    32.  Customer loyalty goes both ways
    33.  The saddest referral is one that was earned but never given (See #22)
    34.  If it doesn’t matter to your customer, it doesn’t matter
    35.  Forget features and benefits
    36.  Focus exclusively on outcomes, results, and payoffs
    37.  Learn to speak prospect language about prospect problems
    38.  If you want to sell fire extinguishers, first show the fire
    39.  If you don’t risk turning some people off, you’ll never turn anybody on
    40.  Diversify while still specializing
    41.  If you can prove what you do works, you win
    42.  People never argue against their own opinions, data, and feelings
    43.  When selling an idea, show up with a bucket, not a microphone
    44.  There is no “sales gene”… it’s a learned skill for all of us
    45.  Everyone can sell once they find their own voice
    46.  Marketing comes down to four words: Offer value, Invite engagement
    47.  Imagine that it’s easy
    48.  Good things come to those who bust their ass and never give up
    49.  Your success day in and day out, year in and year out depends on two things…
    50.  How fast you’re willing to learn (relearn, unlearn)
    51.  How much you’re willing to grow (personally, professionally, emotionally)
    52.  Every prospect qualifies – they just might not qualify for YOU
    53.  If the first version of your product/service isn’t embarrassing, you waited too long to launch it
    54.  Happy people are that way because they want to be
    55.  Miserable people are that way because they want to be
    56.  Secure your own mask before assisting others
    57.  If you’re a great starter, learn to finish
    58.  Are you willing to do what you have to do so you get to do what you want to do?
    59.  If you ain’t got people skills, I don’t care how smart you are – you’re dead
    60.  Stop acting like a numbnutz and your life will improve
    61.  Different isn’t better
    62.  Better is better
    63.  Until you have loved a dog, part of your soul remains unawakened
    64.  Get out of the office – yes you – yes now.  That’s where life happens
    65.  Happiness is to have family that you consider friends and friends that you consider family
    66.  Everyone needs allies, advocates, brothers, sisters, and co-conspirators in mischief and merry-making
    67.  Getting what you want is easy – Deciding what you want is the hard part
    68.  Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, writers gotta write, dancers gotta dance…
    69.  So what are you waiting for?
    70.  Don’t hand out home-made business cards…
    71.  Don’t build a free template website…
    72.  Professionals use professional tools
    73.  Get serious, get help, or get out
    74.  If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy – remember that
    75.  Once a day, do something brave
    76.  Once a day, do something kind
    77.  Once a day, do something smart

David Newman







p.s. Which one of these is your favorite?

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January 02, 2021

How to Move on From setbacks

Setbacks_2Setbacks.  They’re a fact of life.  Despite our best intentions and well-laid-plans, life doesn’t always go according to our hopes and expectations.  We all experience setbacks, both small and large, and even minor setbacks can have dramatic negative effects … if we all allow them to.

Thoughts of self-doubt creep in, hopelessness quickly settle in, and the downward spiral ensues.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s hope, and it starts with our mindset and how we view these so-called setbacks.  Here are 5 ways to bounce back – better than ever – from life’s inevitable setbacks.

Embrace who you are.  You, my friend, are human.  As much as you want to be perfect and perennially in control, you’re not; no one is.  But, you know what you are?  You are awesome, and you have had many, many successes in life – and there’s more to come.  Like you, I’m a work in progress too.  Mistakes are okay.  They’re learning opportunities.  Being afraid is fine.  Being comfortable being uncomfortable is a sign of growth.

Everything in life is temporary.  Limitations, failings, losses, and setbacks are temporary.  Pain and uncertainty pass.  Time heals.  But don’t watch time fly by.  What can you take away from these experiences and situations?  Take time to reflect.

Find gratitude in the present moment.  Practicing gratitude gets a lot of love these days, and cliché as it may sound, it’s because it works.  Every time.  So, keep your head up.  Take a deep breath and be grateful for everything that’s led you to the present moment – the people, the opportunities, the experiences.  And be grateful for setbacks.  You can let them destroy you or strengthen you.  Your choice.

Reach out and help others.  Setbacks are usually self-centered.  As harsh as that sounds, it’s true.  We usually end up wallowing in our own self-pity, and that’s okay – it’s normal.  But, it can be one helluva trap.  The key is catching yourself in this pattern, and when you do, re-focus on the people around you.  Find a way to help someone else; it’s a sure-shot way to feel better.  And remember, give someone the gift of opportunity today.

Move on.  It’s always darkest before the dawn.  We all make mistakes.  But successful people shake it off, rebound rapidly, and get back on track.  Pull yourself out of the negative spiral, get support, and hop right back on the path to success by making the right decisions. Learn your lessons.

To moving forward,
Change That Up

January 02, 2020

This new blog format … I like it … I hope you will too.  Darren Hardy has a great message for us, but before he shares it, I would like to take a minute to appreciate the illustration artist Darren hired for:

To recap:

    1.  Too Many, Too Much
    2.  Too Tough, Too Soon
    3.  Too hardcore
    4.  Too Rigid
    5.  Too Vague
    6.  No Measurement

See you all back here tomorrow!  😉

January 02, 2019

Hey Haw!

Last night I put together a list of things to tackle today!  Of course they had to be tackled today because yesterday was a holiday for most.  Mainly it was a day to make sure all the links and websites were up-to-date.  Passwords were also changed or updated.  Tonight we’ll post to the Social Media sites as well.

We also are looking at changes our [5] Facebook cover pages.  You probably would like to see them up-to-date too.  As well we started a new book today.  It’s called, “101 BEST WAYS To Be Your Best,” by Michael E. Angier.  If the book critique is correct, it will inspire and empower ‘you’ to be ‘your best’ — both personally & professionally.  Wait and see just how much better we get; and it’s not just lights & glitter … it is truth.

…bed in 25 minutes!!!  Got to run….

Practical Wisdom to Help You Maximize Your Unique Potential.

January 02, 2018


January 02, 2017

Slept for a few hours before awaking to go to work.  After working for 6 hours, came home to pick-up my wife to go back-out once again, this time grocery shopping.  Returned home, cooked supper, watched more recorded TV shows, then into my home-office to spent time on social media and checking email.

Off tomorrow, so plan to go to bed a bit later tonight and sleep in tomorrow.

I tell you all this because, I’m not really any different than 90% of the population out there!


Come From Aways, Do You?

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